Lefika La Phodiso is Africa’s first organisation offering community art counselling training. Aptly named, Lefika La Phodiso means the rock of holding and healing. It is just this to the many children and adults who use this safe space as part of their recovery and growth. Lefika La Phodiso’s core areas of work, namely counselling and training, happen under the same roof, allowing for a meaningful symbiosis. Paper, paints, clay and recycled objects become transformative tools of creative expression, both joyous and cathartic. It is an equally pivotal place for the practitioners who are trained at the organisation with a view to offering accessible mental health services for children, in under-resourced communities. Based at the Children's Memorial Institute in Johannesburg, this optimum inner-city location is the ideal venue as it is accessible and secure. It’s also home to many important health-based organisations. As a member of SAPPIN, Lefika La Phodiso's work is strengthened by being able to offer programmes for parents in their community. This film demonstrates the benefit of being part of the SAPPIN Network and the impact of Lefika La Phodiso's work with parents.

Founded by clinical psychologists Tony and Hillary Hamburger, Ububele is a centre of learning with a focus on improving the emotional development and wellbeing of children under 7, their parents and other caregivers. Since the beginning in 2000, its work has centred on the promotion of mental health and the development, field testing and advocating of low-cost models of preventative care and experiential training, which are suitable for low-resource environments. Located in Kew, their programmes are mainly conducted in nearby Alexandra. Ububele, which means kindness, embodies the notion of public interest psychology. As a member of SAPPIN, Ububele's work is strengthened by being able to offer new programmes for parents as part of their basket of services. This film demonstrates the benefit of being part of the SAPPIN Network and the impact of Ububele's work in supporting parents.

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