Our purpose is to strengthen the voice of civil society working with families through collaboration and shared learning.

SAPPIN aims to enhance civil society’s capacity in the realm of implementation, research, fundraising, communication and advocacy to collectively ensure that quality programmes are available and sustainable across the country in communities where they are needed.

SAPPIN exists to contribute to a larger theory of change by linking to South African and international policies for the protection and security of children, and the prevention of violence in childhood. Positive parenting interventions, informed by these policies, have proven to have a direct link to the reduction of violence within homes and the promotion of alternative disciplinary strategies, contributing to more securely attached children. These children have increased resilience and have more improved opportunities for a better future, impacting all of South Africa.

The purpose of the network is to strengthen the voice of civil society working with families through collaboration and shared learning.


SAPPIN builds a secure future for all who live in South Africa by helping families create warm and non-violent homes for children. SAPPIN members are committed to developing and implementing quality and effective parenting programmes and interventions in South Africa and as such, are guided by an intrinsic set of core values.


Care and Support:
We honor the role of the family, seeking to support parenting relationships that use non-violent communication, encourage nurturing and responsive care and the prevention of violence against children.
We commit ourselves to quality and excellence in our work with families and children. We commit to open and honest relationships with each other where we uphold good practice, share in mutual learning and hold each other to what we commit to be and do.
Working together is better than working alone. We share knowledge and learning in practice, commit to operating with integrity, openness, transparency and professionalism. We celebrate success and growth together.
We value cultural sensitivity and diversity, seeking to understand the intention of parenting practice, while earning the right to present alternative ways of being with children that reduces harm and increases emotional wellbeing in the home.


The parenting programmes of SAPPIN members promote warm and non-violent family relationships.
Quality programmes are being implemented. SAPPIN members are committed to ensure that M&E (1) and meaningful and reflective Supervision (2) are applied, that programmes are evidence –based (3) or informed and that they occur within a basket (4) of services (referral network) to ensure optimal service delivery towards the families served.
All SAPPIN membes uphold the principle of do no harm. All programmes apply ethical and respectful practices of implementation and research with regard to beneficiaries and staff.
SAPPIN members are guided by an ethos of collaboration and learning amongst themselves and also with stakeholders.
Parenting programmes are informed by and sensitive to relevant social cultural and religious practices.
SAPPIN members are registered, legal, compliant entities in SA and have child protection and safe guarding policies in place.


SAPPIN is convened by a driver group, elected by the network, that is primarily responsible for:

  • Fundraising
  • Strategic planning
  • Working with an external facilitation team to determine and decide on a process for bi-annual meetings
  • Leadership
  • Ensuring that meetings take place
  • Ensuring that reports are produced and circulated to participants

Kaathima Ebrahim
CEO, Mikhulu Trust

Katharine Frost

Katharine Frost
Independent Psychologist


Wilmi Dippenaar
Director, Seven Passes Initiative



SAPPIN runs sub-committees that support membership, and collaboration on communication, fundraising, advocacy and knowledge-sharing.
Capacity building
Families Indaba

OUR Programmes

The evidence-based interventions implemented by SAPPIN members across South Africa help children reach their full potential as resilient and secure future adults, to benefit all who live in South Africa.

Programmes offered by member NGOs are designed to support families through all stages of a child’s life, from conception and the first 1000 days, through to adulthood. SAPPIN promotes cross-provincial training, which leads to capacity-building and shared experiences which better serve families in need.

Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre (Central)

  • Therapy and Assessment clinic
  • Parenting groups

Lefika la Phodiso (Johannesburg)

  • Art therapy groups and training

Phaphama Initiatives (Soweto)

  • Training in Lifeskills
  • Conflict transformation
  • Gender reconciliation
  • Youth mentorship and entrepreneurship
  • Creating Calming Classrooms

Sonke Gender Justice (Gauteng)

  • Mencare 50/50
  • Mencare
  • Men Engage

Ububele (Alexandra)

  • Baby Mat
  • International Child Development Programme
  • Circle Of Security - Parenting
  • Incredible Years Parenting
  • Home Visiting Programme
  • Newborn Behavioural Observation
  • Therapy and Assessment clinic
  • Booksharing
  • Creating Calming Classrooms
  • Persona Dolls

Clowns Without Borders South Africa (Durban)

  • Parenting for Lifelong Health trainings 
  • Parenting for Lifelong Health trainings 
  • Sinovuyo Teens

Dlalanathi (Pietermaritzburg)

  • Ibhayi Lengane
  • Creating Calming Classrooms
  • Play for Communication

Save The Children South Africa (Durban)

  • Child Participation Training
  • Positive Parenting Awareness Training
  • Booksharing
  • Child Participation Training

Clowns Without Borders South Africa (Cape Town)

  • Sinovuyo Kids
  • Sinovuyo Teens

The Parent Centre (Cape Town)

  • PPP
  • Thula Sana
  • Booksharing
  • Men’s groups
  • Teen Parenting
    (Parenting and Community Empowerment Support)

Mikhulu Trust

  • Book sharing training

The Seven Passes Initiative (George and surrounds)

  • Thula Sana (Mamma – Baba)
  • Booksharing (Prente-Pret)
  • Sinovuyo Kids
  • Sinovuyo Teens
  • Creating Calming Classrooms
  • Workplace Intervention

OUR Projects

SAPPIN is mandated to roll out special projects. Current funding has allowed for projects in various stages of design and implementation.


Mediated Conversation - Violence in Schools

Guest 1:
Matakenye Matakanye
General Secretary of the National Association for School Governing Bodies

Guest 2:
Mary Metcalf
Education expert

Guest 3:
Katharine Frost
Educational psychologist, in private practice and SAPPIN

Cycle of Violence

Katharine Frost
Educational psychologist, in private practice and SAPPIN


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