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Parentline SA is a WhatsApp-based support service, providing holistic advice on parenting issues and challenges to parents across South Africa. Parents simply join our user friendly WhatsApp chat where they have instant access to parenting support, expert advice and insights into the world of parenting.

Through our member organisations and associated professionals, a wealth of information and expertise is available to parents. At the click of a button, caregivers and parents can engage with relatable scenarios and guidance around how to cope with certain situations and challenges they may face, support that may not be directly available at a local level. The emphasis is on building positive parent-child relationship and fostering a positive parenting approach.

The platform provides light touch support and guidance, parenting resources and in-person referrals where required. We encourage people connected to communities, caregivers and parents to share Parentline SA far and wide so as to become the go-to helpline for parents across South Africa.

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