Tales of Turning

Tales of Turning seeks to address seemingly intractable social problems through the use of technology and public social media.

Tales of Turning is leading the realisation that social media and technology are a force for good. We harness research, technology, social media and dialogue to prevent violence and support social cohesion. These programmes are uniting people across the globe to form networks of digital changemakers who are using new innovations to promote peace. 

Big problems require big solutions. All of the programmes supported by Tales of Turning are backed by big data and reach people at scale. In our projects, citizens are actively recognised as knowers and actors – as the experts on the issues they face daily. Therefore, we turn to everyday conversations in public social media to gain a deeper understanding of social ills and to engage with citizens to create community-driven solutions.

Blending experience in conflict mediation, psychology and narrative therapy, we are training individuals and organisations to have courageous conversations online and offline. Through this training, we place innovative tools in the hands of communities to amplify their knowledge and voices in order to create meaningful change. The connections across communities promote knowledge sharing and allow for collective action driven by the communities themselves.

Tales of Turning’s bold vision is to be an industry aid to philanthropists, civil society, non-profits, projects and movements across the globe so that they can use these innovative tools, methodologies and technologies to amplify their work.

Our focus areas include: violence prevention in the Early Childhood Development space, non-violent parenting programmes; engaging men and boys in Gender-based Violence prevention, supporting survivors of Gender-based Violence, developing and operationalising a countrywide civil society-based conflict intervention; peacebuilding capabilities; and supporting the IEC during elections. 

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