The Do More Foundation

The DO MORE FOUNDATION (DO MORE) is a proudly South African independent non-profit organisation with a vision and purpose of inspiring more people and organisations to ‘create better tomorrows for the young children of South Africa through partnerships’. Through our role as a “backbone organisation” we facilitate collective impact, placing the young child at the center of what we do.

What we do

We implement various national programmes and run community development initiatives to uplift vulnerable young children and their families. Our national programmes are focused on; Nutrition; Early Learning; Parent/Caregiver Support.

The Foundation also facilitates community development initiatives driving deep systemic change by implementing a comprehensive basket of quality services to meet young children’s developmental rights and needs as outlined in the National Integrated Early Childhood Development (ECD) Policy. We also advocate for young children from local to national level on a number of campaigns.

We believe that complex problems need dynamic collaborative solutions. The Foundation acts as a backbone organisation to support and enable community development from the ground up. We work alongside government, supporting ECD policy implementation. Our model involves big business both for its multiplier contribution to funding and enabling sustainability, post the funding period. By collaborating with the public, private and non-profit sectors we are able to identify and find solutions that lead to feasible and impactful change while simultaneously leveraging the “power of business” to benefit young children in communities across the country. We have found purposeful networking, clear coordination and willing cooperation to be key in shifting long-term social investment.

How does Do More Foundation implement its Parent Support Programme?

The Foundation’s “EAT LOVE PLAY TALK” (ELPT) Parent Education Programme has been developed for ECD principals, practitioners and playgroup facilitators to engage in conversations and activities

with parents and caregivers of children up to 5 years of age on the themes of:

Healthy Eating | Building Loving | Relationships | Playful Learning | Language Development

Developed by the DO MORE FOUNDATION and key experts, this “light touch” community-based programme packages public health messaging in an interactive and non-didactic way to empower caregivers/parents around making small habit changes and healthier nutrition choices for their young children and families. We use a train-the-trainer model to equip ECD principals with skills and

knowledge to facilitate parent workshops and tackle the important topics of nutrition, attachment and stimulation. Working hand in hand with ECD centres, ECD principles and practitioners are trained on key messaging and facilitation skills to bring this programme to the caregivers/parents of the young children attending their centre. This is delivered to parents monthly via a seven-session “light-touch” programme using carefully designed playbooks, session guides and incentives/resources that promote the behavior change we aim to encourage during the sessions. The sessions include opportunities for participants to share what they know from their own experiences and to gain new information which is based on guidelines provided by the National Department of Health (DoH) and nutritional researchers.

Taking into consideration the constraints of the target population, this programme is filled with simplified, culturally appropriate and colourful ideas to bring about more eating, loving, playing and talking in South African homes where young children live.

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