Mikhulu Trust Awarded Women’s Voice and Leadership Award

In 2022, Mikhulu was funded by the Women’s Voice and Leadership South Africa Fund to print three of their wordless books dealing with gender roles in the home and around positive male role models. These books were to be used in their programme for fathers developing relationships with their young children as well as for distribution to families who were practicing book-sharing. 

In February 2023, they were invited to the Women’s Voice and Leadership Summit and Awards in Pretoria to present their work on the project. The research underpinning the book-sharing programme, as well as the fact that the programme addresses three of the major risk factors for adopting violent behaviour later on in life particularly impressed the panel. They were excited by the role that this programme could play in preventing violence. 

As a result, Mikhulu was selected as the winner of the Gender-Based Violence – Rapid Response category of the Learning and Sharing Summit Awards for 2023.

The Summit offered opportunities to see some of the amazing work being done by organisations all over the country and Mikhulu Trust are proud to be part of this group making a difference in promoting gender equality.