SAPPIN: 2022 in review

The Families Indaba

The highlight of 2022 was without a doubt The Families Indaba. Through hosting this event we were allowed to lobby around “parent support” with many more government entities, funders and potential partners. 

The media launch took place on the 7th of September 2022, in Johannesburg, and was livestreamed for those unable to attend in person. 

The Families Indaba took place in Johannesburg on the 26th and 27th of October and has helped us build continued conversation and interest in Parenting work, grounded in tangible projects such as:

Beyond the Families Indaba

SAPPIN has been busy throughout 2022 focusing on programme training, one such example being training on positive parenting programmes. We have also focused on building personnel capacity within member organisations, where the following training  was offered:

Other achievements are SAPPIN’s ongoing involvement with the National and Western Cape Violence Prevention Forums, where we have two organisations on the steering committee of the Western Cape VPF and one organisation on the national VPF. SAPPIN members were acknowledged for the vital role they play in the design process and the standard of programmes delivered in The Department of the Premier’s Office's Families Strengthening programmes. 

SAPPIN was asked to facilitate the Community of Practice meeting and support these organisations. Supervision forms part of the ongoing support and capacity building of the group. We have bi-monthly supervision meetings where any member can join.

The research portfolio is currently working on the write-up of an evidence-based article. Another activity was a focus group discussion about the implementation.

During 2022, 668 431 children were directly supported. 3 048 610 were reached through awareness campaigns, and 2615 volunteers and professionals were educated or trained.

The group met in Cape Town in March and saw each other at the Families Indaba in Johannesburg in October.

Learn more about SAPPIN

If you are new to the network or wish to share information about SAPPIN check out this video for the perfect summary of what we are about.